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#TBTasty – Boralia

June 4, 2015

I finally had the pleasure of crossing Boralia (59 Ossington Ave) off my restaurant bucket list! I have been meaning to go ever since it opened as my incredible chef friend Mike is part of their amazing kitchen team. Not only this, but they have received high praise from Toronto Life (#5 Best New Restaurant), Joanne Kates (#6 Top 100 Best Restaurants of 2015), and many others. The unique concept of Boralia is intriguing in a very dense restaurant scene in Toronto and I was eager to try something different. Chef and owners Evelyn Wu and Wayne Morris have come up with a menu based on dishes inspired by historic recipes of Canadian early settlers and indigenous peoples. Dishes are based on recipes ranging from the 1600s to the 1800s as listed on their menu. I was excited to kick it old school and try some of the dishes that fed our nation’s earliest inhabitants.


Chopsuey croquettes ($6): These were the perfect small bites to start the meal. Just like an arancini with an Asian twist, they were perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside filled with sticky rice, mushroom, and sausage. I have an obsession with soy sauce so the sauce on top was like crack for me.

IMG_2678[1] Kedgeree ($14): You can’t see the beautiful flaky smoked whitefish in this picture but it’s under there! The crunchy and light rice crackers were the perfect vessel for the fish. As our wonderful server told us,those rice crackers were definitely addictive!


Spiced scallop crudo ($16): One of my favourites of the night although the dishes were all unique and delicious in their own rights. This crudo was exceptionally light and playful. The pairing of raw scallop with ginger, pickled ramp, chili, and cucumber water worked beautifully. The hint of spice from the chili and ginger with the cooling cucumber water was a refreshing change from the heavy dishes I’m used to ordering (love these just as much).


Venison liver and foie gras parfait ($15): This was the one heavier dish we ordered and even this was still bright and fresh with the addition of the blackcurrant red wine gastrique. The foie and liver parfait was creamy, rich, and melt in your mouth. I loved spreading some on the crisps and popping a few of the currants on top for a nice burst of acidity with each bite!


L’éclade ($15): The star of the show! I had heard that these were a must order and they did not disappoint! They arrive under a glass cloche filled with smoke, and once uncovered you can immediately smell the pine needle scent. Dunking each tender mussel in the pine ash butter at the bottom of the bowl created a delicious bite, and wonderful end to the meal!

The Golden Rule: The ambiance, service, and food at Boralia made for an incredible dining experience. I actually left the restaurant with a spring in my slightly wobbly step (thanks to a few bottles of wine) rather than having to be rolled out, which was a nice change. I would highly recommend ordering dishes to share to get a taste of what the team has created. Special shout outs to the scallop crudo and mussels! The servers were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, which made for an even greater evening. Try to book the harvest table at the back if you can to get a view of the kitchen at work. I never liked history in school, but this was a history lesson that I can get into!

The Golden Scale: 9.5/10!

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