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The Stop Community Food Centre Night Market – Eat, Drink, and Support A Great Cause

June 21, 2013

I attended my first Night Market on Wednesday in support of The Stop Community Food Centre. I had heard amazing things about last year’s event and could not wait to see what was in store for my friend Sam and I! They expanded the event to two nights this year, and both sold out in TWO hours! I could not wait to eat and drink myself silly in support of a great cause. The all you can eat and drink event cost $50, but was well worth it to support this amazing charity. The Stop’s critical anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs help to provide healthy food in a way that maintains dignity, builds health and community, and challenges inequality. The event this year raised $115 000! The Night Market really came together in the true spirit of the The Stop, creating a real sense of community to support this amazing cause. Congratulations to everyone on the Night Market Committee and to all the amazing restaurants and vendors that participated in the event!

I figured I would show everyone what they missed out on in pictures. The alley behind Honest Ed’s was the perfect venue, the weather was gorgeous, and all the booths were beautifully designed. The event had an electric atmosphere. Everyone was having an amazing time enjoying the food, drinks, and company. The city’s best were out on Wednesday with some inventive and incredible culinary creations and creative cocktails. I left happy, tipsy, and ridiculously full of food. Despite the food baby and coma that came after the Night Market, this is an event I will continue to attend every year!




Richmond Station: Hot dogs with beet relish and chicharron


Meukow Cognac Cocktail Bar by Josh Lindley: Meukow Cognac, homemade maple syrup, and hibiscus lemonade



Valdez: Octopus and red snapper ceviche with watermelon, pickled jicama, and ginger


416 Snackbar: Korean Fried Chicken


Sullivan & Bleeker: Mini cupcakes (Red Velvet, Oreo, Cookie Dough, Latte)


Hawthorne Food & Drink: Greek Chicken Satay with rice noodles


Farmhouse Tavern: Mini burgers (4 Animals) with a beef burger, quail egg, goat cheese, and thick bacon (My favourite of the night!)


The Grove: Lemon verbena cream, olive caramel, strawberry gelee, and basil granita


The Stop Community Food Centre: Octopus Takoyaki



The Drake: Laughing bird prawn roll with corn, and chips


Gwailo: Hakka style pork and chicken wontons (Another favourite!)


Pizzeria Libretto: Meatball slider with ricotta and salmoriglio (condiment with lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, oregano, parsley) (And another favourite!)




Paulette’s Chicken and Donuts: Garam Masala sugar donuts



Jack And Lil’s: Pap En Vleis, Milk tarts, and South African donuts (We went back more than once for the meringues and pudding cakes!)


Stockyards: Pigs in a blanket



Momofuku Shoto: Brisket with tiger vegetables


Momofuku Shoto: Chilled crab soup


Travelling band!




Delica Kitchen: Tandoori spiked duckbreast pastrami with candied almonds and slaw



Tori’s Bakeshop: Gluten-free mini donuts (Amazing container with a light bulb!)


Rooftop band!


The Golden Rule: Get tickets right when they go on sale! If you wait, I guarantee you will miss out. We arrived early (about 6 pm) so we did not wait too long to get in. I would recommend doing the same, to avoid waiting in lines, so you can enjoy the food a lot faster! Definitely pace yourself as the lines do move fast (I ate too much too fast of course). This is an amazing event for a great cause, and one of my favourites that I have been to in Toronto!

The Golden Scale: 10 out of 10! (My food baby who has progressed to a stage where it can also vote, gives the night market a 10 out of 10 too!)

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