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Happy Birthday Mr. Keith!

October 8, 2012

This past Friday I attended Alexander Keith’s 217th birthday party at Evergreen Brick Works. I had heard about the event through Toronto Food Trucks (of course) as many trucks and pop ups would be participating in this awesome night. As I had planned on this week being all about health and detox post TUM, I decided I would take a pass no matter how much I was dying to go. As luck would have it, I received a twitter mention from Rock Lobster Food Co a few days before the event saying I had won tickets. I must have retweeted to win, and low and behold I actually won! Since I had won tickets and needed to go and thank the boys in person, I decided going to the party was the nice thing to do. I promised myself that I would not eat and only drink, but considering my love for food that certainly did not hold up.

We took the Magic School Bus down to the Brick Works and on entering the venue, I knew this would be a fun night. There were bars loaded with Alexander Keith’s, tons of amazing food vendors, and a great crowd. The smells were intoxicating and after my first beer, I knew I had to have something. Since I had won the tickets from Rock Lobster, I knew I had to have some of their amazing lobster rolls. I had tried them for the first time at Beerfest and fell in love with the perfect mix of creamy lobster and that delicious bun that was toasted to perfection. After saying hi to the boys who you can tell put all their passion into their food, and are easy on the eyes as an added bonus, I ordered two lobster rolls. They were the perfect bite sized sandwiches to pair with my Keith’s. The buttery lobster and toast melted in my mouth with each bite. I had brought along my friend Robyn and gave her a bite and she was immediately hooked. I later recruited my friend Jess and together we consumed a small lobster’s worth (I think I ate about 80% of him). I later went back at the end of the night before we left to have just one more roll and ended up with two more (thanks Matt!). I can’t wait to try the other amazing things you guys have!

I wanted to try one new truck before I left and settled on Stuft. I had seen them for the first time at the CNE’s Food Truck Frenzy but sadly had no room left in my stomach to try their innovative sausages stuffed into a bun. I thought it was a cool idea and their gourmet sausages sounded pretty good so I ended up with the Thai Chicken sausage, a mix of free range chicken, green curry, thai chili, cilantro, and lemon grass with their sweet chipotle BBQ sauce. To be honest, when I received the sausage many sexual innuendos entered my mind- just the way I think. However, despite it’s interesting look, it tasted great and I would definitely love to try more (I have my eye on that turducken next).

Overall, the party was incredible with a perfect mix of food, beer, and great music. I am glad I nixed the diet for one night so I could eat some delicious food and help Mr. Keith celebrate 217 years of great beer!

The Golden Rule: Find out where Rock Lobster Food Co will be next and indulge in as many lobster rolls as you can. Don’t be scared of their long line if you go to October’s TUM. It is definitely worth it. Try not to think dirty thoughts like I did when I tried Stuft, just enjoy their great gourmet sausages (sorry had to go there).

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